Software and hardware complex for automatic detection and recording of violations of traffic rules Sadko m1
Purpose and General information
The complex provides:
  • Detection of violations of traffic rules with simultaneous recognition of the vehicle’s registration plate
  • Transfer of the prepared information, which is the evidence base of the fact of violation of traffic rules, and other data (technical/service)
  • Recognition of registration plates of all vehicles crossing the control zone
Optional features:
  • Conducting surveillance video surveillance of the traffic situation
  • Provision of statistical data on vehicle travel for third-party systems
  • Identification of vehicles under investigation (depends on access to the relevant database)
Detectable violations:
  • Excess of the established speed of movement
  • Violation of the rules of location on the roadway, oncoming traffic or overtaking, including traffic on the roadsides, sidewalks, bicycle or pedestrian paths
  • Departure on a strip of oncoming traffic, or on tram ways of the oncoming direction failure to provide advantage in the movement to the route vehicle-movement on the allocated strip or a stop on it.
Benefits of design and technology
Ready for harsh weather conditions:
  • blend with heating clutch
  • climate protection class IP67
Motorized focus and zoom
  • easy installation in a busy urban environment:
  • control of situations inaccessible to other complexes
Increased mobility and reduced costs:
  • high-tech computer with ARM architecture
  • best-in-class energy performance
The efficiency of operation and maintenance:
  • low weight
  • monoblock construction
  • high-quality components
  • identify violations of the positioning
  • control changes to the road markings

Applications and configurations


It is mounted on the existing infrastructure of the street road network.Provides control of up to 4 lanes in both directions.


It is installed on a car, temporary support or tripod, equipped with an Autonomous power supply system. Provides control of up to 4 lanes in both directions.
Technical characteristics of the complex
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Порядок распространения

ПО “САДКО” распространяется в составе аппаратно-программного комплекса фототовидеофиксации “САДКО” и лицензируется только в составе данного АПК.

ПО “САДКО” доступно в составе АПК “САДКО” на основе простой неисключительной лицензии на срок полезной эксплуатации АПК.

ПО “САДКО” не выделяется из состава АПК и не реализуется в виде обособленного программного продукта.